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River City Escape
is a FANTASTIC choice for your next group event!

Team Building

Staff Meetings

Birthday Parties

Wedding Proposals

Fundraisers and More

Hosting a group event at River City Escape offers a unique and memorable experience that goes beyond traditional gatherings.


Here’s how an escape room adventure can benefit your group:​​​​

Fundraising: Escape for a Cause

An escape room event highlights your cause in an innovative and entertaining way, motivating people to contribute to your mission.

Problem Solving

Participants sharpen their critical thinking and creativity as they work together to solve challenging puzzles.

Memorable Experiences

The excitement and challenge create lasting memories, encouraging strong group cohesion and future participation.

Team Building

These activities foster collaboration, trust, and communication, enhancing group dynamics.

Morale Boosting

The shared excitement and accomplishment of completing the escape room boost group morale and camaraderie.

Engagement and Interaction

Escape rooms provide an immersive, interactive experience that captivates participants and keeps them engaged.

Choose River City Escape for your next group event and experience the myriad benefits of working together to unravel mysteries and achieve shared success.

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Private Events (20+ guests)

Smaller Groups (12-20 guests)

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