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Walk ins are welcome but we encourage you to book online on your way - if we have availability we will open up online bookings with as little as 15 minutes notice! We don't want you to walk in and find out all rooms are full so check here first!


8047 West Broad St, Richmond, VA 23294 - in Westland Shopping Center - look for the Big Cactus Sign!

Westland Shopping Center Cactus Sign

Join our Team

Join our team at River City Escape! Be a Game Master and bring your drama skills to help immerse our guests in their escape room experiences. You can enjoy the rooms over and over as you journey with our guests on their adventures.


We are hiring part-time staff, mostly weekends.

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  • Is the door locked?
    No! The door you entered will always remain open and you can leave at any time. Escaping simply means solving all of the puzzles and clues which lead to leaving the room - in reality you could leave at any time.
  • How much does it cost?
    The base rate for all rooms is $75.00 for up to 2 guests regardless of age or category. Guests 3-8 are $25.00 each for adults, $20.00 each for children ages 5-17 and $20.00 each for special categories like military, first responders, teachers etc. Example 1: 2 teachers, 1 first responder and a 12 year old walk into an escape room - They would pay the base $75.00 rate for the first 2, $20 each for the other 2 for a total of $115 - Example 2: 6 adults would be $75.00 +$100 ( 4 x $25.00) = $175.00 Don't worry the system does the math for you - just make sure if you match one of those discount categories you choose them when booking.
  • Do I need to crawl/bend/climb?
    Yes - in most rooms there may be elements to escaping which involve stairs, bending/stooping/crawling to get to the next areas or solve puzzles. These special situations are listed in each rooms description. If those are a concern out of our current rooms Innocent has none of those and would be the most accessible for anyone with physical restrictions. The Chocolate Factory you will have to bend/stoop and there is one area that requires a couple of steps however it is not required to move through or escape if at least one in your party can navigate the stairs. We would like those with physical limitations to be able to enjoy our escape rooms so if you have questions about your situation please contact us and we can determine which room would work best for you and your group.
  • Is it scary?
    Yes and No since that depends on the person sometimes however here are some things about River City Escape specifically which may help you decide We consider ourselves to be a family friendly escape room No jump scares Game Masters enhance the story but do not try to frighten guests Clairvoyant Conundrum does have "spooky" decorations which could be scary for younger children We are not a haunted house Check the age recommendations on each of our rooms for more guidance
  • What should I wear/bring?
    We have no requirements other than not wearing your birthday suit - but here are some recommendations to make your adventure more fun and less likely to injure yourself Wear close toed shoes Comfortable clothing you can climb/crawl/bend in Wear long hair up/back Glasses for reading if needed See the room descriptions to learn more about how physically active a specific room may be
  • Can I bring my phone?
    Yes! You can bring your phone and use the flashlight to see in dark areas. NO pictures or videos are allowed in the rooms to keep the puzzles private for other guests to enjoy later.
  • Can I bring food/drink?
    No food is allowed in the escape rooms. No drink is allowed unless it's in a closed/non-spill container. Just don't leave it behind - especially in Manhattan - it could become contaminated by radiation! :)
  • Can we plan a large group or private event?
    YES! River City Escape is a FANTASTIC choice for your next group event! Team Building Staff Meetings Birthday Parties Wedding Proposals Fundraisers and More See other group FAQ for details on private vs non-private group options
  • What are details for a private event - reserving the entire space for our group?
    A private event - reserving the entire River City Escape Rooms solely for your group. The base package minimum is $500.00 for a 90 minute event Includes up to 25 people 4 different escape room experiences 15 minutes for introduction and preparation prior to the escape room, 60 minutes in the room and 15 minutes after for sharing and pictures If pairing this with a meal out we recommend doing the meal after the escape room as your group will have a lot to talk about! The base package minimum is $800 for a 2.5 hour event The minimum includes up to 25 people Can accommodate up to 50 people 4 different escape room experiences 15 minutes for introduction and preparation prior to the escape room Group A has a social hour/meeting and Group B does the escape rooms for 60 minutes Groups A and B switch, Group B has a social hour/meeting and Group A does the escape rooms for 60 minutes 15 minutes for photos and wrapping up Add ons For every person over 25, add $25 per person if on a Monday-Friday and $30 per person if on a Saturday or Sunday. Can bring your own decorations/refreshments We can provide decorations/refreshments (River City Escape can not provide any alcoholic beverages) TV available for presentations/slideshows
  • What about smaller groups? Not a private event?
    A non-private event, which means other small groups may be in the building doing other rooms, etc. Most small groups can book online 2 or 3 rooms if not wanting to use the lobby area or do any other add ons. However if you want to do some add ons we can offer special pricing for your small group. A typical small group is 15-20 people Groups of 15 or more If you have over 20 people we recommend booking the private event (see details in FAQ above) $25 per person for Monday-Friday $30 per person on Saturdays and Sundays Lobby space for post room gathering available $150 for 1 hour (not private) $75 for 30 minutes (not private) Can bring own decorations/refreshments - tables provided
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